Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Ted Baker beige coat
$470 –

Block heel boots

H M pom pom hat
$13 –

It’s official. It is cold outside, and I could cry about it. Does anyone else feel like summer lasted for a cloudy 5 minutes? I do, and it clearly makes me sad. So, to feel better I’m putting together numerous adorable outfits that will keep me warm and feeling fancy at the same time. I’ll be at this ’til spring.

What I want Sunday

What I want Sunday

Camel Black

Camel Black

Givenchy camel bag

Bric s satchel bag

For my first trick I will show you all what bags I would like for Fall. Without fail whenever September rolls around I want a new bag. And usually it’s in a good solid, safe neutral. This autumn it looks like either a camel or a black bag will end up on my shoulder sooner rather than later. These are just a few I’m currently coveting….with the Tory Burch coming in a solid first choice.