What I want Sunday

What I want Sunday


Camel Black

Camel Black

Givenchy camel bag

Bric s satchel bag

Kate Spade black leather shoulder handbag

For my first trick I will show you all what bags I would like for Fall. Without fail whenever September rolls around I want a new bag. And usually it’s in a good solid, safe neutral. This autumn it looks like either a camel or a black bag will end up on my shoulder sooner rather than later. These are just a few I’m currently coveting….with the Tory Burch coming in a solid first choice.

Doin’ It Right

Sorry I'm Late

Welcome to Libby in Lavender! You may notice that this site is looking a little different these days. After taking just over a year off from the blog, I’ve decided to come back to it with a different outlook. While I loved what I had previously posted, I thought a fresh start all around would be a better idea. I hope you enjoy the posts, and what I have to say on the very important topic of pretty things.