sweet little gifts

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I’m a sucker for lovely little gifts (I love giving them…and who are we kidding-I love receiving them.) These are just a few of my favourite small bits and pieces I’ve seen around this season.

1. Big Bare Cabane A Sucre candle

2. Coloured Brass Cuffs

3. Cable Knit Hot Water Bottle

4. Landscape Halifax Teacup

5. Cashmere Nail Polish

6. Snowy Fox Chunky Mitt

7. Feather Socks

8. Cloud Spike Studs

9. Crochet Neck Warmer


Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Ted Baker beige coat
$470 – johnlewis.com

Block heel boots

H M pom pom hat
$13 – hm.com

It’s official. It is cold outside, and I could cry about it. Does anyone else feel like summer lasted for a cloudy 5 minutes? I do, and it clearly makes me sad. So, to feel better I’m putting together numerous adorable outfits that will keep me warm and feeling fancy at the same time. I’ll be at this ’til spring.

Sweater Weather

eld 4

There is nothing better than when the days start to get a little colder and I can pull out all the knit V-neck sweaters I have stock-piled in my closet. Literally, there are a lot of them, and getting them out and organized is just as good as Christmas morning. This fall, I’ve noticed I’ve gravitated towards neutral deep v’s paired with chunky knit scarfs. I love it, and I suggest you try…possibly with any of the above.

1. Aritzia Babaton Erin Sweater

2. Zara V-Neck Fancy Knit Top

3. Zara Zig Zag Intarsia Sweater

4. Free People Sadie V Pull Over Sweater

5. Boys Club Sweater Heather Blue

The Messy Bun


(images via Pinterest)

I have always loved a messy bun. It is my absolute go-to for easy hair. I would love to be one of those girls with perfect hair and adorable braid/bun mixes from Pinterest, but I’m not that kind of girl. And whenever I try to be that kind of girl, I fail. So I stick with what I know, and that is piling my hair on top of my head and calling it a day. Now only if everything I life was that easy and adorable.

Camel Black

Camel Black

Givenchy camel bag

Bric s satchel bag

For my first trick I will show you all what bags I would like for Fall. Without fail whenever September rolls around I want a new bag. And usually it’s in a good solid, safe neutral. This autumn it looks like either a camel or a black bag will end up on my shoulder sooner rather than later. These are just a few I’m currently coveting….with the Tory Burch coming in a solid first choice.

Doin’ It Right

Sorry I'm Late

Welcome to Libby in Lavender! You may notice that this site is looking a little different these days. After taking just over a year off from the blog, I’ve decided to come back to it with a different outlook. While I loved what I had previously posted, I thought a fresh start all around would be a better idea. I hope you enjoy the posts, and what I have to say on the very important topic of pretty things.